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Executive Chef Hilberto "Papo" Estrada

Executive Chef Estrada has been bringing his award-winning cuisine to the Moscone Center for the past eight years, impressing clients with his special style of Pacific Rim cuisine. Papo has created his own unique blend of West Coast Cuisine, a combination of fresh local ingredients, Californian, Southeast Asian, Hawaiian, and Puerto Rican influences coming together, creating innovative food pairings. These creations are a result of not only research and study, but a quarter century of hands-on experience in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Prior to his arrival at the San Francisco Convention Center in 1996, he held executive positions in Tampa, Napa Valley, and at the Fontainebleau Hilton in Miami Beach. Chef Papo's love of food started while he grew up in Puerto Rico, coalesced while studying at Cornell University, and after winning the Festival Gastronomico First Place CentroAmerica he jumped into the challenges of being an executive chef.

Good food has always flowed from Chef Papo Estrada's kitchen, and thanks to Chef and his staff, any excess food goes to people in our community who need it. "I don't like to throw away food and too many people are homeless. (In this business) numbers change, and sometimes food is left over," said Chef Papo, "If somehow we can figure out how to donate it rather than throw it away, then somebody can have a decent meal with it."

For the past five years, pastries, salads, sandwiches and fresh fruits have been donated to Dolores Street Community Services and other nonprofits. The agency provides neighborhood-based shelter, housing, advocacy, and support for people seeking dignity, health, and hope in San Francisco. Food donated by Moscone Center's kitchen allows the program to prepare fresh healthy meals.